Thursday, December 3, 2009

#4 Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Title: Eclipse

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Page Count: 629

Genre(s): Romance, adolescent, drama, supernatural, action, fiction

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Rating: 5/5

Summary: The continuation of the Twilight series, the third installment tells the story of Edward and Bella rebuilding their once destroyed relationship as he and Jacob quarrel over Bella's affection. Meanwhile, a vampire from the past threatens to try once more to destroy Bella, forcing Edward and Jacob to join together to protect the one they love.

Review: This was one of my favorite books featured in the Twilight series, however it becomes a little predictable towards the middle. But the storyline towards the end of the book will be quite pleasing for those who are strong supporters of Team Edward (like myself), and nerve-wracking to read the next story. Another wonderful read.

Where to Buy (Online only): Amazon, Borders

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