Thursday, December 3, 2009

#3 New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Title: New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Page Count: 563

Genre(s): Romance, adolescent, drama, supernatural, action, fiction

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: The continuation of Twilight, just as Bella and Edward’s relationship begins to blossom, a terrible accident at a birthday party to rip their love to shreds. And as Bella starts to reunite with her childhood friend Jacob Black, could he too be hiding a super natural secret?

Review: Honestly, of the whole Twilight series, this is not one of my favorite books. It's awfully depressing for a generous amount of the book, with some repetition, but once you get to about the half-way mark, things begin to pick up and it becomes a deliciously addictive installment to the series.

Where to Buy (Online only): Amazon, Borders

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  1. Haven't read any others apart from the first one, but I intend to.